What are we looking for

Standing on sand or stone

Fishing into the waves

Getting our feet wet


What are we looking for

Baiting destiny

Hooked and cast

Into the water
When we turn our eye

To the orange moon

The ironbound cliff

Fire in the place

Where fire burns
When we look at our hands

Lined with life

Telling stories that nobody writes

Our hands are truth

Look at your hands
When stars

And shadows on the deck

Don’t point North or South

And a dead reckon

Is all we have

What are we looking for

What the burning sun

Says to the corn

When it decides to grow


When grandma opens

The canned corn

And you take the kernels

To go fishing in the river

When the river fishes back

And pulls you in


What is it in the river

That speaks

To the soul

About moving on

About the ocean

About no end beginning

About loving the dirt

About what moves Earth

To get at its ancient heart


What are we looking for?

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