The sun warms my back

As if to console my column

To soothe my northern spirit

And I believe that today is

Afterall, the longest of the year
But well into afternoon

My appetite grows for dinner

And evening rises with it

Sun to the northwest horizon

Waving goodbye to the desert
The earth cools underfoot

And winter whispers brush

This is solstice

My first southern solstice

Winter after winter

2 thoughts on “Solstice

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  1. When do you comeback to Övertorneå! Best regards Stig Kerttu

    Skickat från min iPad

    > 22 juni 2017 kl. 02:10 skrev Poetic Cartography : > > >


  2. Galen,
    I live in Oakland, Ca and am friends with Malcolm. He told me about your trip and your blog. WOW. I hope to meet you one day…

    Two things in the meantime–
    1. Seamus Heaney, ‘Waterfall’

    The burn drowns steadily in its own downpour,
    A helter-skelter of muslin and glass
    That skids to a halt, crashing up suds.

    Simultaneous acceleration
    And sudden braking; water goes over
    Like villains dropped screaming to justice.

    It appears an athletic glacier
    Has reared into reverse: is swallowed up
    And regurgitated through this long throat.

    My eye rides over and downwards, falls with
    Hurtling tons that slabber and spill,
    Falls, yet records the tumult thus standing still.

    2. Two people you might want to meet if in the San Francisco Bay Area, Daniel McCormick and Mary O’Brien. (Interview: (website:

    -Alex Heald


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